That coveted crown, echoing applauds and unparalleled fame that comes with winning a beauty pageant are few things which are more than mere occurrences for anyone aspiring for winning beauty pageants. Undoubtedly, behind all the fame and glamour there exist sheer devotion and commitment to oneself and which many fail to see and understand. The fast paced world has given a sense of guarantee to us that no matter what the goal is, it can be achieved in an instant without looking at the bigger picture. Simrat Kathuria, celebrated nutrition and wellness expert sheds some light on few pointers to help you step closer to your dream of turning your dream of becoming a beauty icon into reality.

Start Ahead, Stay Ahead – As the old-school suggestion has always referred to, starting ahead of time always helps you stay ahead in any competition. Same holds validity for preparing for beauty contests too. It is recommended to begin the preparation at least 6-8 months prior to the event in order to not defy the course of nature. Opting for quick and short-cut methods to lose weight and tone body is not only very difficult but also causes irreversible damage to health.

Eat Many Small Meals – Instead of gorging on a large platter two or three times a day you should opt in for six to eight small meal portions to aid improvement of one’s metabolism. This boosts digestion and absorption processes and also prevents other nuisances including sudden cravings due to long spells of fasting.

You are what you Eat – Rather than treating food like a party in mouth, you should look at it as fuel for the body. Just like one would never ever, ever, ever put diesel in a petrol vehicle, it is very crucial to understand what suits your body type and its daily requirements. That understanding is nothing but ‘Smart Eating’.

Make a List – List down your do’s and don’ts with guidance of professionals in order to negate things that will impede your plans. Generally a diet expert shall ask you to cut on maida, processed & packed foods, alcohol, excessive caffeine etc. from your daily intake. Instead of the above, you should bank upon fresh greens and other natural sources of nutrients to give you a healthy skin and hair in addition to assistance in weight goals.

Crash Diets Crash your Goals – Say a big NO to crash diets that one often finds on Google and one often gets tempted to try as they sound very lucrative and in sync with one’s goals. Blindly adhering to crash diet mantras will harm the body in unexplainable ways and can also result in weight gain relapse and various ailments.

Power of Joy – Following all words of advice but not taking care of emotional health will be a futile approach. Live life stress free, don’t hang on to worries, and give yourself time to relax, laugh and transform the way you approach life. Expert has observed a distinct connection between stress and weight gain, hence it is highly recommended to lead a stress-free life in order to remain fit. Exercising also aids in eliminating stress and in toning the body.

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