Going beyond the roles of a wife and mother of two, Ludhiana’s favorite diet expert Simrat Kathuria has come a long way while establishing a name in the diet care segment. Born in 1978, hailing from a family of businessmen, she has accomplished her dream of working in a distinctive stream of professional sphere.

Known for her dexterity in simplifying the approach towards weight loss, lifestyle management and healthy living; Simrat has become favorite of many in the region. She is a strong believer of the power of counseling and one-to-one tailored planning rather than following vintage theories in management of diet and weight. Setting benchmarks in the field of nutrition and diet, she has helped people shun the hesitation of seeking professional help when it comes to healthy living. She holds a firm belief that individual goals, when understood help a lot to strategize the diet plan and lifestyle modification. “Especially in this part of the country, where people are food aficionados, many fear that to achieve diet and weight goals, one has to abstain from eating. However the fact is that moderation is the key, and when coupled with understanding of individual habits and body types, it amplifies the positive effects” says Simrat.

When she peeps in the past, she shares that till few years back people were not very open to the idea of professional intervention in health goals and were reluctant to opt for diet coaching. Gradually as time went by, the magic of her understanding and knack in the domain broke all social barriers and people willingly embraced the concept of diet coaching which today happens to be a trendsetter. Simrat is keenly working towards the concept of Sports Nutrition, wherein she is emphasizing on importance of high protein diet, workout and lifestyle modification for those involved in sports and heavy activity related professions. Powered and fueled by passion alone, she feels that though the line between being a healthcare professional and an entrepreneur is very thin, one’s devotion and conviction can do wonders in easing the journey. It is hence not very surprising that Simrat is known for her empathetic conduct among her patrons.

With an unparalleled vision to take her experience to masses, she is working leaps and bounds towards a healthier and worry-free tomorrow. She consults clients from across the country and overseas destinations including USA, Dubai, UK, Australia and the list is long. When not with her patrons in the clinic, she can be spotted in the reading room that is stocked with multitude of titles from across genres. Her closely-knit family comprises her husband who is an entrepreneur and two kids – son and daughter. Simrat has been adorned with Mrs Ludhiana 2005 title and the prestigious Medical Pioneers award by The Times of India Group in 2015.

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