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Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

Are you frustrated with pointless diets and tired of random fluctuations in your weight despite doing everything the right way?

Sports Nutrition

Through the overall body analysis, our sports dietitian in Ludhiana tries to find out the exact calorie and energy necessity for your body, grounded on the sports you are in. We also take care if you are allergic

Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Diet Plan

Experiencing motherhood is probably the best feeling in the world. The term “Mom” comes with utmost responsibilities and being a new mom; your body

Therapeutic Diet

Your body doesn’t stay and function in the same way all the time. At times your body may get affected with foreign and harmful elements and can also lead to specific ailments.

Hair & Skin Health Consultation

Healthy Skin and Shiny Hair is every woman’s dream. You probably prefer to spend hours and hours in the beauty salons to pamper yourself and to get desired skin and hair type.

Pre-Wedding Diet Consultation

Marriage is one of the most important decision one can take in the whole life. It is once in a lifetime experience, and everyone wants to look their best. Although the events last for

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