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Ludhiana’s Most Trusted Nutritionist Simrat Kathuria

‘Health is wealth,’ and we are in charge of cherishing our healthiness in an excellent way possible. It takes a little more upfront attention and commitment to keep up your health in the best state. We know how significant it is for you to follow a healthy eating habit to attain a fit and healthy life. We are passionate about healthcare and a beautiful you. Thus, we have always desired to make a place where you can find everything under the same parasol and also can get resolutions for all your queries. We have one of the most preferred dietitian & diet clinic in Ludhiana and are avid about simplifying living while fulfilling your dreams of a healthy body.

At The Diet Xperts, we don’t only talk about healthy eating but have the vision to create a healthy community, country, and planet, and everything starts from YOU!

We want to motivate and empower you to nourish your body in the best way possible to become the healthiest version of yourself. We tailor every session for you to make them manageable and specified to your goals.

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Simrat Kathuria

Dietitian Simrat Kathuria is rooted in the Indian culture and diet habits and is known for being the most sought after and well-known nutritionist and dietitian in Ludhiana. She highlights on following a simple yet wholesome food diet to get the keys to healthy living and lifestyle. Simrat Kathuria’s diet plans are a perfect blend of conventional foods and modern nutrition science. She believes that lifestyle alteration through holistic nutrition can be maintained throughout for the longest run. Her diet-oriented approaches and training programs help any individual to achieve fitness goals and develop better health.

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Dietitian & Nutritionist
Simrat Kathuria

Life is the most precious thing that we all have achieved. Taking the best care of our life is the primary concern that we all need to follow without fail. Just a diet plan is not enough to deal with all you want to deal with or accomplish in your life. Thus, we are more focused on providing you expert coaching on diet and lifestyle together. Due to hereditary influences or even from the ill diet, it becomes hard for us to attain the body shape which we are yearning or dreaming of. But the transformation of your body to the best version of itself is not just a topic to talk about anymore. You can get the perfect shape and the ideal lifestyle that you wanted for long.

The Diet Xperts with the most famous nutritionist in India, is headquartered at Ludhiana and is present in multiple locations including Delhi NCR and Jalandhar. Most of the nutritionists focus on weight loss to be the primary component of healthy living and lifestyle. We being the top dietitian for weight loss, help you to discover and decipher a sustainable plan for yourself and take account of the transformation that you want to see in yourself.





Weight  & Strength Training for Women

Weight & Strength Training for Women

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