Only if losing weight was as easy as downloading an app on your smartphone these days! We, the modern day people have become accustomed to convenience and fast pace that we expect the same to apply in wellness and health goals too. In the race to achieve weight loss in minimal time, most of us have a tendency to follow diet plans and habits which are not only unrealistic but also result in disappointment with no results. 

Internet searches and following a routine that a friend has been following prove to be very ineffective as those really don’t take into account an individual perspective and need. The foods we consume don’t work by themselves, they have to be in sync with a proper meal plan and lifestyle so as to deliver actual results for losing or gaining weight. 

Green tea has proven to be a catalyst in weight loss but depending solely on drinking multiple cups of green tea will not do any good unless you are taking care of other parts of diet too. Same is true for detox waters, such as Jeera Paani, Cucumber and Mint Water, Coriander Water, etc. which are doing trend these days. Over consumption of these can even be lethal, leave alone being beneficial. Supplementing a balanced and well tailored diet with Aloe Vera Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Isabel Husk, etc can undoubtedly expedite your weight loss journey if you stay focused and ensure that you don’t compromise on eating healthy foods in addition to only the popular and easy-to-lose-weight items! 

There are no shortcuts, no magic pills and certainly no overnight spell that can help you achieve weight goals except the right plan that fits your requirement. Happy Living!

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