In a style of life which is being lived by minutes, not hours, resorting to joining a gym to achieve wellness goals has become a fad. Especially for women, both working in an office or managing the super task of home, there are more than many reasons to opt in for weight and strength training. We’ll discuss how and what should be taken care of so as to make the most out of the effort. 

It is worth remembering that diet planning aids in losing & maintaining weight while resistance training catalyses body toning and composition. For instance cardio workout results in breaking down of existing tissues with calorie loss that comes with it. At the same time, lifting weights, or weight training as more popularly referred to helps in building lean muscle tissue.

What’s in there for women?

Owing to body needs, activity and various dynamics of life and work, women are prone to risk of injury, back & neck pain, early onset of arthritis and the list is long. Training helps in preventing the symptoms and also aids in enhancing emotional quotient by eliminating mood swings, general happiness and of course, overall wellness. 

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